Haling from Kansas City Missouri, Maurice Hayes, is one of America’s top performing vocalist. Maurice Hayes is very talented and gifted speaker and singer. His goal is to inspire the heart and minds of its listeners. His music ranges from big band, gospel, jazz standards, rock, old school and country to current hits. He have a repertoire spanning from the Andrew Sisters, Glenn Miller, Willie Nelson, to Luther Vandross; he have something for everyone.

Maurice Hayes is a performer in the purest sense of the word. He has performed across the United States, Japan, Guam, Singapore, Philippines, as well as South America and Europe. A graduate of the Untied States Armed Forces School of Music, he has performed with the Navy Show Band, The Air Force Strategic Air Command Band, and the Air Force Band of the Pacific. He has also performed with greats such as Al Harrington, Frank Sinatra Jr., Tony Bennett, and Frank Mantooth to name a few. In Japan, he has performed with Tsuyoshi Yamoto Trio, and Ayaho Hosokawa. . Maurice was featured internationally at the grand opening of Tokyo - Disneyland, and regularly featured at the Sapporo Ice Festival of Japan from 1988 through 1991. Audiences and critics find his musical spirit possessing all the elements of greatness. His versatile music has provided immense pleasure to millions throughout the world.

Wherever he travels, Maurice Hayes musically crosses cultural barriers, making new friends and entertaining enthusiastic audiences of all nationalities. Whether in recital or as a soloist with orchestras, his praises are enumerated in a many different languages; however, they are all in-agreement on one point; Maurice Hayes is a major artist and one of America’s best.